Rat City League History

This page chronicles the glorious history of the Rat City Blood Bowl League, from its humble beginning until the present.

Season I – Summer/Fall 2010

In our inaugural season, the founders of the league clashed mightily upon the pitch.  16 teams participated in the Majors, some of which are still with us today.  Famous names like the Gutterblight Gladiators, LoqMundi, the Kanto Kings, and the Deathroller Daffodils all got their start here.   Season I culminated in the Starbox Coffin Cup I, where the shambling zombies of the mighty Bring Out Your Dead rolled over the Amazons of Good Girls Go Bad.  Other events of note include the rise to dominance over the Open League (then known as the Minors) by the dreaded Eviscerators lead by Duke Luthor von Edgewater.

Season II – Winter/Spring 2011

In Season II, the league grew in size to host a remarkable 26 teams in the Majors.  More soon to be famous teams joined, such as the BNB Team and the Rat Pack.  The “Minors” also grew as a host of new teams flocked to Rat City in hopes of making the big time.  Season II ended with the first Rat City Rumble, where the Kanto Kings deftly defeated LoqMundi 2-0 in the final.

Season III – Summer/Fall 2011

Season III held a number of surprises for the league, which once again had a 26 team Majors and a host of new and returning “Minors” teams.  Between the Minors, the Majors, and the Challenge season, almost 500 games of Blood Bowl were played.  The Warpstone Dungeon Open I ended the season in the league’s first ever Dungeonbowl tournament.  In the Final the Deathroller Daffodils barely ground out a win against the lizards of LoqMundi… winning by coin toss after 24 rounds of grueling battle in the dungeons under Rat City Stadium.

Season IV – Winter/Spring 2012

Season IV saw many changes take place to the Rat City league’s structure.  Rat City opened up a true scheduled Minor League for only new teams, and the Majors shrunk to only 14 teams as players fled wholesale after the announcement that the Eviscerators would be joining.  Interest in the new Minor League was strong however, and 24 teams signed up to participate.  In the Majors, titans of the pitch battled for dominance, and in the final of the first Elysian Invitational, the High Elves of the BNB Team defeated LoqMundi in a staggering 5-4 score-fest.  The Minors were won by ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD! who defeated the Norsca Nutcrackers in the final of the first Cascadia Crush.

Season V – Summer/Fall 2012

Season V is just beginning, and the Minors are once again full to the brim with teams looking to prove their worth.  The Majors are lagging behind though, and this season we’ve only got 8 teams participating.  Change is on the horizon once again – look for some alterations to the League structure in Season VI.


-Andy Brandt / Rat City Commissioner