Welcome to the home of the Rat City Rumble Blood Bowl League. Here you will find any and all info pertaining the League. The links above should contain everything you want to know.

2010 saw the inaugural season of the Rat City Blood Bowl League, and in 2011 we held the first ever Rat City Rumble Tournament. These endeavors were born from a great desire on my part (and a number of others) to see Blood Bowl activity in the Pacific Northwest grow into a thriving community. I owe this ambition largely to the amazing league just across the border to the North – THUNDERBOWL, who host the Spike! Magazine Blood Bowl Championship every fall.

Without their encouragement and example of what’s possible (seriously – 40+ coaches for the last 4 seasons running) I don’t know that the Rat City league or tournament would have come about.


League Info

For a detailed description of how the league functions, please see the League Rules link.  Here’s the short version:

The RCBBL is comprised of 3 leagues, the Majors (scheduled, experienced teams), the Minors (scheduled, new teams), and the Open League (open play).  We play with the CRP/LRB6 and include the 3 NAF Approved additional teams (Underworld, Slann, & Chaos Pact).  The Majors and Minors have scheduled bi-weekly games – 10 games over a 5 month period, followed by 1 month of playoffs/finals.  The Open League doesn’t have an end of season tournament (though mid-season tournaments of various types do occur in this league), and participating teams are limited to 10 games during the regular season.  Open League matches are arranged on a challenge basis, which can be freely refused.  A coach may have numerous Open League teams, but only one Major and/or Minor League team each season.

During the playoffs, Majors and Minors teams that don’t make the cut (or get eliminated) and Open League teams are allowed to participate in Challenge Matches against any other non-playoff (Major/Minor/Open League) team.

At the end of any given season, a coach may shift teams around, moving an Open League or Minor League team up to the Majors (and moving his previous Majors team into the Open League).  The Minor League and Open League perform a number of important functions for the Rat City Blood Bowl League – they give new coaches a place to learn the ropes, coaches without the time to commit to the Majors somewhere to play, all coaches a place to build teams for future seasons in the Majors, and overly zealous coaches a place to play as much Blood Bowl as they want to.

League fees each season are $15, regardless of if you play in the Open League, the Minors, the Majors, or all of the above.  This money helps pay for website hosting, advertising, prize support, and League property (clocks, play-mats, etc).

We play regularly on Sunday evenings (6PM start) at Games and Gizmos in Redmond, WA.  Directions and phone# are below.

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-Andy Brandt / Rat City Commissioner