The Festival of Skulls

This coming March, on the far Northern borders of the Realm of Chaos, the followers of Khorne will host a tournament.  They are hoping to find a Champion – a worthy Skullbearer to carry skulls to the Blood God’s throne.  They’re also just generally big fans of Blood Bowl, and any excuse they can find for a tournament is pretty much a good one.

The rewards for winning are great, and the lucky player nominated for induction as a Skullbearer of Khorne will no doubt draw the interest of the Blood God himself.

Round 1: March 11th, 2012
Round 2: March 25th, 2012
Round 3: April 8th, 2012
Round 4: April 22nd, 2012

Signing up:
Teams must be in the Open League (for Season 4), their coach must have paid his League Fees for S4, and the team must be a minimum of 1500 TV.  Teams entering the Festival must have at least 4 remaining Open League matches available at the start, and cannot play games outside of the Festival until it’s over.  Participating Teams must be fully painted and based/numbered.  No, Mageknight figures do not count as fully painted, or based unless you actually paint and base them.

Each coach may only sign up with one team.  We will keep to an even number of teams in the tournament – if you’re the last one to sign up and we end on an odd number, you’re out… sorry.

Sign ups will open a few weeks before the tournament.

Pairing Rules:
Pairings for the first round will be randomly generated.  Each round thereafter will be paired according to Swiss style tourney pairings – highest points vs highest points, but no duplicate pairings from previous rounds.

Win: 10 points
Tie: 5 points
Loss: 2 points

Bonus points:
+1 for each Cas.
+1 additional for each Kill (only if it sticks – If the Apoth heals it, no dice.  Regen’d kills still count though, just like for SPPs).
+1 additional for each TD.

Only casualties/kills caused by Blocks will count for bonus points.  If it earns you SPPs, it’s good.  If not, no bonus points.

Ahh yes, the important bit.  The team with the most points at the end will be named the Festival Champions, and will walk away with 3 extra MVPs distributed randomly to their team, as well as 50K bonus winnings and a Trophy Re-Roll that will last until the next Festival (or other similar tournament – haven’t decided on the name for the S5 tourney yet).  Tiebreaker will be Head to Head record, then Most Cas caused during the tournament, then Most Cas outside the tourney.

The player who causes the most Kills during the tournament (doesn’t have to be on the winning team) will be named a Skullbearer of Khorne, and will be rewarded with his choice of the Horns, Frenzy, or Pro skills (and a 20-30k bump in player value as appropriate).  Tiebreaker will be Most Kills outside the tourney, then Most Cas during the tourney, then Most Cas outside the tourney.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

-Andy Brandt / RCBBL Commissioner