After a long hiatus Rat City is back! Season 6 kicked off January 5th 2014! This season is going to be run a little differently. In an effort to grow the league, and provide a singular point of entry we are disbanding the split Majors, and Minors league, as well as moving away from scheduled games.

For this season, we will have a league day every other Sunday, and on each league day a coach is free to play as many games as he, or she, wishes. A new coach may join the season at any point. Each team will attempt to complete a ten game Sprint, with their best consecutive ten games determining their standing at the end of the season. If enough coaches complete a sprint, a scheduled playoff will occur at the end of the season. The final league day to get games in is Sunday May 18th.

In addition to the looser game play format we are testing out the Narrow Tier Blood Bowl rules, which take the current CRP rules and rosters, and tweak them for fairer and more diverse play. The Narrow Tier rules may be found here: