Hello folks – to help us prepare for Spike! and because Blood Bowl, Beer, and Summer in the Pacific Northwest are all things we need to celebrate – I present to you the Rat City Summer Smash! On Saturday August 25th we’ll be gathering at the large covered area at Hovander Park in Ferndale, WA for a day of BBQ, Beer, and Blood Bowl. 4 games, 110TV + Skill Package, Swiss Pairings, $25 entry (which covers food off the grill as well!). The ruleset will be as close to Spike as I can make it – this is a prep tourney at heart.

In regards to food – I’ll have (cheese)burgers and kielbasa dogs + condiments on hand, free of charge. Above and beyond that, it’s more or less bring whatever you want to snack on/drink, and yes alcohol is OK. It’d be awesome to turn this into kinda a pot-luck style affair with people bringing chips/drinks/potato salad/etc., but don’t feel obligated.

Registration Form:

Pic of the location:

Map to the Park:
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As mentioned above this will be a one day 4 game tournament with swiss pairings. Rosters will be TV110 + skill package (explained in detail below).

Things you need to bring:

-Your Team (painted, based, and clearly numbered).

-Three copies of your roster – one for you, one for your opponent, and one for the tourney organizer. If you need something to print your roster on, you can download an excel roster here.  Please mark skills added to your players in [brackets] (see Skill Packages below).

-Dice – 2D6, a D8, and 3 NAF Block Dice. If you need Block dice, we’ll have a NAF rep signing people up at the tourney – for your $10 you get 3 Block Dice in addition to your NAF Membership.

Things that would probably come in handy:

-A copy of the Competition Rules Pack/LRB6 – available for download here.

-Your NAF# or NAF Username, if you’re a member.

You will not need to bring boards or dugouts – we will have those on hand. We will be playing on 40mm boards.


      9AM-9:15AM: Registration
      9:30AM-12PM: Round 1
      12:15PM – 2:45PM: Round 2
      3PM – 5:30PM: Round 3
      5:45PM – 8 15PM: Round 4
      8:30PM-9PM: Awards Ceremony

Note – we don’t have a scheduled lunch/dinner break. The grill will be going all day – feel free to grab a burger between rounds/etc.

All standard teams from the CRP/LRB6 are legal for the Rat City Summer Smash. In addition we will be allowing the 3 NAF approved teams found here (the Slann, Underworld, and Chaos Pact).

Coaches have 1,100,000 Gold Crowns to build their team with. Teams must have a minimum of 11 players (this total can include Star Players). The following inducements are available for purchase as well at their standard cost (as long as they are normally available to the team): 0-2 Bloodweiser Babes, 0-3 Bribes (as per the CRP, Bribes cost 100k apiece for all teams except Goblins, which can purchase them for 50k apiece), 0-1 Halfling Master Chef (as per the CRP, the Chef costs 300k for all teams except Halflings, which can purchase a Chef for 100k), 0-1 Igor, 0-2 Star Players, and 0-2 Wandering Apothecaries. The following inducements may NOT be purchased: Extra Team Training, Mercs, Wizards, and Special Play Cards.

After building your roster, you may add one of the following skill packages to your team:

-Six Normal Skills (Normal Skills are skills that a player could select on a non-doubles or 10+ roll).

-Four Normal Skills and one Doubles Skill (a Doubles Skill is any skill that a player could select on a Doubles roll).

-Two Normal Skills and two Doubles Skills.

Note that stat upgrades are not available (no +MA/ST/AG/AV). When assigning skills to the players on your team, no player may be assigned more than one skill and skills cannot be assigned to Star Players. You may not assign more than two of any specific skill to players on your team (ie you may have up to two players with the Block skill, but not three). These skills do not increase the cost of the players they are assigned to.

This is a “Resurrection” tournament. After each match all players on your roster are automatically restored to healthy status – Miss Next Games, Injuries, and even Deaths are wiped clean. Similarly – SPPs are not recorded during your games – the only skills your team gets are those assigned from your chosen Skill Package when building your team.

Dice – D6 will be provided at the tournament and should be the only d6s used during the event. You and your opponent should decide whose block dice to use – if you can’t reach a decision, whoever won the coin toss to determine home team can decide. You and your opponent will share one set of dice for each match.

Apothecaries – Apothecaries function as per the CRP. Please also note that apothecaries will not heal Star Players as per the CRP.

Weather – Weather for each round will be rolled at the top table. The result will apply to all tables for that round. Weather can change as normal during a given game without affecting the other tables in the tournament, they just all start out the same.

The Rat City Summer Smash will be played over 4 rounds with Swiss style pairings. The first round matchups will be randomly determined. After that, coaches will be paired based on their scores from previous rounds in an effort to match similarly skilled opponents. Coaches will not be paired against the same opponent more than once during the tourney.

Ties – There will be no Overtime played in the Rat City Summer Smash. Matches that are tied after the 2nd half end in a Tie.

Unfinished Games – In the event that a game isn’t finished at the end of a round, finish the turn that’s in motion and end the match. This should only happen if people are lollygagging or start late, because we’ll be using:

Clocks – we will be using round timers during the tournament. In an effort to keep the tourney on schedule – we will be using 4 Minute round timers as per the CRP.

Illegal Procedure – Illegal Procedure will not be called during the tourney. Just remind your opponent to move his turn marker and keep things running smoothly.

A Note About Sportsmanship – It is not poor sportsmanship to foul every turn or to run up the score. Gloating or ridiculing your opponent while doing so is. Fouling is a part of the game, just like Passing or Going For It is. Just don’t be a dick about it.


Win: 65

Loss: 0

Tie: 25

Bonus Points:

Blowout (won by 2+ TDs): +5

So Close (Lost by only 1 TD): +5

Crushed (Caused 2+ CAS): +5

Any ties in the standings will be broken by Win Record, then by TD Differential, then by head-to-head record if any, and finally by Casualty Differential.

Casualties – Note that only CAS caused by non-weapon Blocks count for scoring purposes. Casualties caused by Fouling, crowd pushes, chainsaws, etc. do not count.

Forfeits – In the event that your opponent for some reason can’t finish the match (has to leave early) or is more than 30 minutes late to start the round, you will be awarded a forfeit victory. You will be awarded points for winning the match as if you’d won by 2 TDs.

Awards will be announced shortly.