Season IV Minors Tournament
With the introduction of the new Rat City Minors format comes a new Minors Tournament at the end of the season – the Cascadia Crush.  This tournament will be held every season, and from it will emerge the Champion of the Minor League.  The Crush is watched closely by the Rat City Coaches Association for the “next big thing” that will be moving on to the Majors.

Strap on your armor and grab your foam fingers Blood Bowl Fans – the Crush is coming!

The Cascadia Crush is an 8, 12, or 16 man, 3-4 round KO style tournament to determine the overall winner of the Minors every season. Fringe benefit: In addition to the normal trophy received, the winning team receives 3 extra MVPs (must be allocated to 3 different players, and cannot go to the player that received the normal MVP).  The player on the winning team with the most SPPs (after MVPs have been allocated) will also receive a choice of either the Pro skill or the Leader skill.  The skill added will count as a normal or doubles skill as is appropriate to the player’s position for Team Value purposes.